Executive Management

Coen Group’s Executive Officers have been carefully selected to lead this business conglomerate during its institutionalization process, based on a fast-track growing scheme. The Executive Officers’ team stands out for its education background, professional experience, and world-class skills. These professionals have been recruited worldwide so as to target the most competitive and diverse talent. The team works under one sole direction, creating synergies in its search for excellence. View Organizational Chart

Corporate Structure

Sr. Piero Coen Montealegre, Founder and Chairman

Piero Coen Montealegre, born in Nicaragua, is the founder and chairman of one of the most successful business conglomerates in Central America. With his entrepreneurial spirit, passion for excellence and a contagious style of taking pride in quality performance, he created and drove the growth of successful businesses in agriculture, cattle breeding, financial services, ID solutions and real estate. Moreover, PCM, as he is affectionately referred to by Group executives, started and consolidated scores of long-lasting relations with multi-national companies’ and government leaders not only in Central America but also in the United States and Europe. PCM’s first success was leaving behind the poverty of his childhood and becoming the largest cotton producer in Central America. Together with his children, he built a successful firm representing the Western Union franchise in the Central American region and taking this business from non-existence to one of the main exclusive WU agents in the world. His resiliency to overcome difficulties was made evident when he had to leave his country and live in exile during the revolution, losing all he had managed to acquire until and still decided to return to his native country and found what is today known as the Coen Group. In line with his visionary style, some years ago he began the process of handing over the business to the next generation and promoting the concept of full institutionalization of the Coen Group. For this purpose, he retired from everyday operations so that his children could commence managing the Group and embarked on a diplomatic career aiming to enhance his native country’s international relations and attract foreign direct investment. During a five-year period, he acted as Ambassador of Nicaragua before Rome, and later to Israel, Italy, Cyprus, Honduras, Greece, Austria and Singapore. PCM graduated as a public accountant specialized in Finance and Economy, with post graduate courses in International Marketing and Humanistic Cybernetics at the University of Miami. For his merit during his long business career, he obtained a Degree Honoris Causa from Universidad Cristiana de Nicaragua in 2003. In 2005, the Maria Guerrero University of Administration, Commerce and Customs of Managua, Nicaragua, vested him an honorary degree in Business Administration and Foreign Trade. A father of five children, all of them born in his native Chinandega, Nicaragua, PCM firmly believes in education and the mastering of languages as the basis for personal and professional success. He also passionately advocates social investment, evidenced by the Coen Foundation programs and projects. This institution was founded with the sole purpose of developing capabilities for people to access opportunities to lead a dignified and productive life.

Piero P. Coen, CEO and President

Piero acts as the Coen Group CEO and is in charge of leading the business conglomerate in the transition of new generation management and institutionalization, continuing the legacy of his father, Mr. Piero Coen Montealegre. His functions include defining and implementing the Coen Group integrated business strategy and establishing long-term alliances in line with the Group’s growth strategy. Piero was the first operator of AirPak, Western Union in Central America, operating from a garage space located in Guatemala, he also held several operational positions which have been instrumental to his understanding of Group companies’ business. Since 1998, he has been in charge of Management Offices, Executive Positions and the Presidency of each one of the Coen Group companies, a career that exposed him to first-hand knowledge of the challenges, opportunities and operations of each one of the businesses of such diverse conglomerate. These positions have given him the experience of leading strategic initiatives such as the transition from traditional to intensive agriculture practices in the Group’s agribusinesses. He was a strategic and key actor during the tenure of the first-generation and at present uses these lessons and experiences as the foundation for developing initiatives that may position the Group as the leader in all of its operating businesses. Important elements to his high-exposure professional experience were the postgraduate business administration and top management studies Piero took at Harvard University seeking to enhance his analysis, planning and execution skills from an international perspective. Piero has been in key positions to attract investment to the Central American region. He was appointed special plenipotentiary ambassador of Nicaragua to the United Kingdom, Scotland and Northern Ireland, from 2005 to 2010 and he acts as Italy’s honorary consul for the Chinandega department of Nicaragua. Moreover, he is an active member of several bi-national trade chambers fostering commerce between various countries in Central America and Europe. Piero’s actions are the best evidence of his commitment to social investment and corporate social responsibility. In addition to his duties as President of the Coen Foundation for the 2005-2011 term, he is founding member and First Vice President of the Nicaraguan Union for Corporate Social Responsibility, UniRSE.

Carlos Zuniga, Abogado Senior Corporativo

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Real Estate Division

Carlos Fletes Ahlers, General Manager, Viejo Santo Domingo Project – GC Desarrolladora

Carlos FletesCarlos is the General Manager of GC Desarrolladora, the company that developed the Viejo Santo Domingo and other real estate projects. He is in charge of the company’s marketing and strategic planning, as well as its real estate commercial operations.Before joining GC Desarrolladora, he was General Deputy Manager (responsible for the Nicaragua operation) for the transnational vehicle distributor AutoStar, S.A., a dealer of brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and Chrysler, a subsidiary of Chilean Grupo Kaufmann and previously a member of the Germany-based corporation DaimlerAG. Among other positions held in the same company, he was General Manager for Marketing and Sales; Sale Manager for a number of light vehicles; and General Manager Assistant in charge of ongoing improvement programs within the organization. Carlos completed his studies towards a Masters Degree in Business Administration at Universidad Thomas More in Managua, Nicaragua in 2011. He has a Degree in Business Administration with majors in Marketing and Projects from Universidad Iberoamericana de Ciencias y Tecnología based in Managua, Nicaragua (2005). He took technical studies in industry administration at the Higher Education Center of Colegio Alemán de Guatemala and Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala (2000).