Message from the CEO

It is a great honor for me to have been chosen to lead the Coen Group. I realize this position carries a tremendous responsibility, because it is a unique opportunity to be asked to manage an industry leading, family owned business in its second generation.

My father and I have always had an enviable relationship. I had the chance to learn from our founder’s vision, his business acumen and, above all, his practical and sympathetic approach to people and their needs. When a company has a genuine interest in its associates, its customers and the environment, it is easier to appropriately convey its vision and more pleasant to be its leader. From a very young age I had the chance to put in practice those distinctive family values, which are also the foundation of our business philosophy. I am very grateful for the legacy of our founder, which has prepared the Coen Group to overcome future challenges in this period of exponential growth.

Embarking on the institutionalization of a family business is a necessary but sometimes defiant process for family business leaders. It can present unexpected hurdles and issues that you might not have considered. Those challenges may grow significantly when dealing with a diversified conglomerate in its growing stage.

Executives in family companies owe it to the organization and to their fellow workers not to tolerate anything other than excellence when performing important jobs. As part of our transformation process, I have invited new talent to join us, forming a team of high performers from around the world to help me take our Group to new frontiers in the Global environment. They are diverse group in terms of their personalities, attitudes, and abilities but their discipline and commitment are unwavering. We are trying to inculcate in the entire organization what we call infectious impatience, so that things not only get done right but also get done in half the time. Together with my colleagues, I intend to make a difference. With a strong conviction, I know that while I am here, my presence will be felt.

We are proud of all we do and I am honored to be part of the Coen Group’s team.

Sincerely, Piero P. Coen

CEO and President