Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Be a top-three player in our region in all business lines in which we participate, leveraging our entrepreneurial spirit with strong business discipline while taking pride in our values and having an unwavering respect for our environment.

Mission Maximize sustainable shareholder value in all business lines and investments, attracting and developing the best talent in the region and contributing to the prosperity of the communities we serve, consistent with the Coen Family goals.

Our Values

Pride: We feel proud of all we do as we bring our values to life and contribute to the success of our company and our Region.

Passion: We conduct our work with relentless dedication because we know that our efforts pave the way towards success.

Integrity: We apply ethics and integrity in our work and we honor our commitments because we are responsible to our company and to ourselves.

Initiative: We are entrepreneurs in identifying opportunities and disciplined actors in our processes because we recognize that it is the only way to create value and prosperity.

Teamwork: We believe that strength stems from diversity and that working together is the formula for success.

Excellence: We recognize that the search for excellence is a neverending process, and so today we set out to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.