Agro Business

The Coen Group boasts a broad experience in agribusinesses, more specifically in crop growing, seed production and preservation, cattle management and purebred horse breeding. These activities are developed on different properties belonging to the Coen Group, which are considered some of the most fertile lands in Latin America, presenting a significant competitive advantage.The Group’s agriculture operations, with known success in international markets, include the largest industrial plantain operation, in terms of planted surface area and export production volume. At present, plantains are mainly exported to the US through “Chiquita Brands International”, under this company’s premium brands and a small percentage of production is commercialized locally through the Group’s own brands.Through its subsidiary GRAMESA, the Coen Group supplies the certified seed demand for the main agricultural produce in the Central American region, including rice, soybean, peanut, sorghum and corn. As for cattle management, the activities focus on Brahman breed reproduction and improvement, as well as other cattle beef for human consumption for the domestic Central American and international markets. Ganaderia San Jorge is the largest cattle breeding operation in the North American Hemisphere, implementing the most stringent quality control standards in cattle breeding. The Coen Group is also engaged in the breeding, growing, breaking and training of world-class purebred Andalusian and Lusitano horses through the activities of its subsidiary Cortijo El Rosario.

Cortijo El Rosario

Cortijo El Rosario is a Nicaraguan business established in 1996 dedicated to the purchase, breeding, development and training of multi-award winning Spanish and Lusitano horses, sourced from the most important European and American breeders. These horses were carefully selected for … Continue reading

Agrícola El Rosario

Mr. Piero Coen Montealegre founded Agrícola El Rosario (AGROSA) in 1976, for the purpose of growing top-quality crops, applying the most advanced production techniques. AGROSA is a major member of the Coen Group companies, adhering to its philosophy of operating with … Continue reading


GRAMESA A Nicaraguan industrial company incorporated in 2001, Gramesa was set up to meet the demand of certified seeds for some of the main crops of the region including: rice, soybean, peanut, sorghum and corn. In addition, other oilseeds and … Continue reading

Ganaderia San Jorge

San Jorge is the largest cattle breeding operation in the northern part of the American Continent. In this industry, our activities focus on the growing and improvement of Zebu breeds, mainly Brahman, as well as other European cattle breeds for … Continue reading