Real Estate

The Coen Group owns large areas of land in Central America and their strategy is to leverage those properties through their transformation for optimized usage such as agricultural or construction undertakings. Our sophisticated construction developments include residential complexes, business centers, free-zone parks and tourism initiatives. All these businesses are managed by two Group companies, a real estate developer and a property administration firm: GC Developers and GC Property Management, each one staffed with highly specialized personnel.

GC Developer

GC Desarrolladora Comercial Title: “Pidacomo” An integral part of the Coen Group’s strategy for real estate development is based on the purchase of large areas of land in the region with excellent and strategic locations for their development into industrial, business or residential … Continue reading

GC Property Management

GC Administración de Propiedades This company’s business is property marketing and administration of locations designated for residential, commercial and industrial use, including free-zone management systems in the form of the project “Zona Franca International Chinandega” (ZOFRIC). The company’s industrial park … Continue reading