Financial Services

Grupo Coen has been a pioneer and leader in the family remittance market in Central America for more than 25 years, through an exclusive Western Union’s representation agreement in five countries of the sub-continent. Recently AirPak expanded its remittance business to Mexico with a multi brand representation model that includes Western Union, VIGO, MoneyGram, Orlandi Valuta, TransFast, among others.
The volume of transactions has turned this region into a very relevant market at the international level, enabling financial exchanges between Central America and the rest of the world, but mainly with the United States as points of origin and destination for the funds. The Group is currently working on new product launches, including prepaid card issuance under a MasterCard International license and implementation of a massive payment service system in the region.


AirPak is Central America’s leading money transfer company. For more than 25 years now, the Company has been the Western Union exclusive representative in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and more recently Mexico. AirPak initiated operations in Panama and … Continue reading