ID Solutions

The ID Solutions Division of the Coen Group has over 16 years’ experience as well as award winning quality customer service. The group began their efforts in ID solutions in El Salvador, operating under the name Docusal, organization that issued for 12 years the DUI (Spanish acronym) or Single Identification Document in El Salvador. This document is employed by every Salvadoran of age in any act of a public or private nature, both inside their country borders and abroad.
Presently, the company Maycom of the Coen Group provides cutting-edge technology services for citizen identification based on a biometric platform, with iris and fingerprint recognition in Guatemala, issuing the drivers licenses for this country since 1999.


Maycom Since 1999 to date, Maycom has had an exclusive contract for the production and issuance of driving licenses in Guatemala. Maycom has been internationally recognized for its high efficiency and quality service. In the near future, this division will … Continue reading